Rsgoldfast - The most beneficial areas to find OSRS Gold the cow area

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Walkthrough The option is to begin A Sailor's Life! Quest at the largest port in OSRS gold - Port Sarim. Talk to Trader Stan who will inform you that he will show you how to construct ships that are similar to his. His ships are custom made as you can imagine! You ask him how and he says he will say that you have to retrieve items for him. To begin, you need to Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook. A Jug of wine, Karajama Rum 5k and an Asgarnian ale are also needed. You will also need the peg leg.

Talk with Redbeard Frank, and ask for his hook. He will tell you that first you must get him a date with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. Emily is crying in the pub. If you ask her what's going on, she says she'll have to shut down the establishment because she does not receive enough patrons. She claims she needs 5 000 GP to keep the establishment open. She says she would be interested in a date with Redbeard Frank, if you give her 5k. Make her pay the $5k and notify Redbeard Frank. Redbeard Frank will then hand the hook.

Now you just need to purchase an Jug of Wine and an Asgarnian Ale. It is necessary to sneak the Karajama Rum in via the Banana Plantation, just like in Pirate's Treasure Quest. The final item, the peg leg, can be obtained by contacting Longbow Ben in the Rusty Anchor Pub. He says that his gold peg leg was stolen after his Buy 2007 runescape gold ship was sunk by an enemy pirate. He has promised to return the gold peg leg when you get it returned. His ship was sinking near the fishing platform so go there.