6 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Madden 21

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Everything you need to know about Madden 21 is written here

Madden 21, the 2020 entry is seeing all-time sales success. This means that there are likely thousands of newcomers entering the Madden franchise for the first time. Before diving into the NFL's only simulation video game series, there are some things you should know. Sometimes knowing is half the battle, so here's a primer on things you should know before starting Madden 21.

1. Customizing The Experience

When you first startup Madden 21 for the first time you're greeted with a host of options. In addition to the typical selection of your favorite team, there's a secondary set of preferences you shouldn't overlook. On top of the difficulty options ranging from Rookie to All-Madden, there's a game style you must select. The options available are arcade, simulation, and competitive. Each of them have their pros and cons, so take the time to figure out which style of Madden gameplay fits what you'd most enjoy.

2. Mobile Connection

Over the years, the integration of Madden Mobile into the mainline franchise has grown stronger and stronger. Now, players could experience the new The Yard mode in the mobile version, and their experience transferred over to the full version upon purchase. Cross-play and cross-progression seem to be the future of the gaming industry and Madden is following the path.

3. Updated Throughout Season

Players are usually used to the rosters on Madden changing throughout the season as some players turn into superstars, and others fade into mediocrity. The game will also be receiving updates to The Yard that add new content and introduce new "seasons" that have their own themes. The gaming industry has seen this trend turn into how multiplayer games function, where new content is added post-launch to keep the audience entertained and invested in your game months.

4. Solo vs. Multiplayer

When it comes to video games, some people love a solo experience that lets them play at their own pace and unwind. Others have a competitive spirit that can only be satiated through online events and head-to-head modes. Madden 21 offers both of those things with almost all of their modes, giving players the option to decide.

5. Game Modes

Madden is a series that requires quite a bit of investment if you're looking to get the most out of it. The biggest modes in the game are its cash cow known as Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode, and The Yard. Madden Ultimate Team sees users acquiring player cards as they try and build their dream NFL roster. Franchise mode lets users select teams or players and play through multiple seasons. The Yard is a new arcade mode that sees fast-paced 6 vs. 6 football action. There's also a single-player story mode called Face of the Franchise.

6. It's All Connected

With the introduction of the new The Yard mode, it seems that all of Madden is connected truly for the first time. As you start the game, you create your avatar, which in turn has its own level. Not only can you level it up through The Yard mode itself, but you'll quickly find that everything you do in Franchise mode and Madden Ultimate Team contributes to your level progression. It's passable, but there are plenty of ways that the series can better implement it to feel more seamless and connected throughout.

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