CZ2232-300 Nike SB Dunk High “Maui Wowie” to Drop on April 23, 2021

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CZ2232-300 Nike SB Dunk High “Maui Wowie” to Drop on April 23, 2021

Newly Jordans will release another version of Dunk High with a new and interesting theme to celebrate the Hawaiian Dunk High School on the island has had a busy year just three months to 2021 and the dunk madness continues to surge, the silhouette just looks more and more The busier. Although this version was released in 2021, it is a paradise explosion that celebrates the island of Hawaii with tropical aesthetics from the upper part of the past and nostalgia on all graphics. Relaxed tones are used on the tropical print, while the Nike Swoosh logo, tongue and shoelaces are made of hemp material, thus consolidating the beach theme. The white midsole, cream outsole and orange Nike label blend perfectly.Nike's Air Tuned Max has begun a triumphant return, relaunching this year as a retro model for the first time since 1999.

Latest Jordan 2020 is now launching a new color scheme for tuning Max, such as this "aquamarine" shape, which will be launched soon. When Nike Air Tuned Max was first launched in 1999, it was the pinnacle of the brand's various air technologies, integrating other basic running performances into one. The structure of mixed materials, including mesh cloth, synthetic leather and plastic TPU ferrule, is one of the most comfortable but best-performing running shoes of this era. In the past 22 years, it is not only because of these characteristics, but also because of its elusive characteristics. , Became a legend in Nike's head. Although it is one of Swoosh's most popular Air Max, it has been kept in the brand archives for more than 20 years. However, we are extremely pleased with the return of this outstanding silhouette, which will surface in the coming year with a new "Aquamarine" color scheme. The new look mixes a white mesh bottom with a black plastic cage and a sparkling aquamarine blue cover, all mounted on top of a neutral gray midsole to complete the look.

Sneakers2090 continues to release slowly in one-off color schemes of various models. This week, we will bring a brand new "Healing Jade" look for the upcoming Space Hippie 03. It will soon arrive. Nike Space Hippie plans to be teased for the first time at the Olympics preview in early 2020, showing what they have crafted for this year. All innovation and style. Although a launch that was held at the same time as the Olympics did not happen, the launch of the Space Hippie series, no matter how it was used, allowed Swoosh to enter a new stage, achieving sustainability and recycling in production methods. Space hippie shoes are made entirely of waste and recyclable materials, combining Nike’s most innovative technologies, such as the ZoomX cushioning system and the crater foam midsole. This week, we have a new "healing jade" space for hippies 03. The color scheme rumored to be released soon. The 03 knit upper starts with a soft gray tone, and the whole body is dotted with light green spots. The webbing loop and TPU shoelace system come in baby blue tones, while the jade green midsole completes the new look.